Sonostream LIVE!

How Sonostream LIVE Works

What is Sonostream?

Sonostream LIVE is an exciting new technology that enables you to share your 3D/4D ultrasound session with friends and family all across the globe! Live or on-Demand. It's your choice!

If you're a new mommy and are having your 3D / 4D ultrasound performed at one of our national locations, then you'll be able to invite people to watch your ultrasound LIVE from any computer, smartphone or tablet in the world with a high-speed internet connection.

Those who view this magical experience will only pay $12.95 to view the video feed at any time! Not only will they be able to see your unborn baby in the womb, but they'll also be able to hear you speak during the session!

Your ultrasound will also be recorded and available on-demand to anyone you invite. It truly is an amazing way for everyone in your family to bond with your precious new matter where they are in the world! Across town, across the country, or across the globe, we can make it happen!

How Does Sonostream Work?

Our participating 3D/4D ultrasound facilities utilize high-tech hardware and software to broadcast your ultrasound LIVE over the Internet to anyone you invite with a high-speed internet connection.

Using a video capture device that's integrated with the ultrasound machine, those you invite will see what you see! From a wave to a stretch to a yawn, you'll all be able to experience the 4D ultrasound together.

As your ultrasound is performed, the 4D ultrasound images will be processed and streamed LIVE over the Internet and into their computer via our dedicated web server. We'll also simultaneously record the video stream so that it can be viewed on-demand in the future.

We can even place a microphone in the viewing room so that everyone watching can hear you talk as the ultrasound takes place. All the ooo's and ahh's will only add to the experience!

Streaming your 4D ultrasound does not affect the quality in any way. It simply gives you a way to share something so precious with those who can't be next to you during this magical moment.

Should you have any additional questions about Sonostream LIVE and the technology we use to make it happen, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.